Software raid rules!

Aly S.P Dharshi aly.dharshi at
Thu Apr 18 13:11:01 CDT 2002

Hi All,

    Just to throw my 2cents of worth, at the Uni here we were going for a
new mail system, they got a PE2550 and I had suggested sw raid they were
unsure of it really, so they spent a stack of bucks for a winchester storage
array from Winchester Systems with hardware raid, they say that this device
is a really fast one, we slapped in a scsi card and plugged this baby in, it
seems good, but the mail queue and system disks are on sw raid 1 and I found
in a power blackout they have been somewhat more reliable than the
winchester, but the winchester hadn't had its one disk configured for raid 5
an overlook by the factory it seems.

    SW raid is quite good I must say.



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