Software raid rules!

Anders Nielsen anielsen at
Thu Apr 18 09:08:00 CDT 2002

On Thu, 2002-04-18 at 15:30, Sigbjorn Strommen wrote:
> jason andrade wrote:

Thanks for your input - I guess the hw vs. sw discussion never ends :-)

A major advantage hw has over sw is that it is easier to handle the
error case. You could probably train a monkey to replace the disk with
the flashing red LED. More manual work is needed in sw so more errors
are possible.

Still - I also ditched my megaraid card and used software RAID instead
(RAID 1). I guess my reasoning was that linux sw RAID beats crappy hw
RAID. My problem was that the RAID controller somehow made the server
crash and performance was lousy. I could live with the latter problem
but not the first. 

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