Why to upgrade the linux kernel?

A. Wolf Farkas, MD afarkas at wolfwater.com
Wed Apr 17 19:34:00 CDT 2002

A follow-up question:  We've got a PE1650 running here with  2.4.7-10smp
Our machine has the PERC-3DI RAID controller.

Should we attempt to upgrade our Kernel to the 2.4.9 series?  Mr. Domsch's 
highly informative pages leads me to believe we'd be flirting with 
disaster.  Any input would be appreciated!


At 11:43 AM 4/17/2002, Tarun Bhatia wrote:

>Thanks folks. I really appreciate it...  this is significant input to me...
>Fred Moyer wrote:
>>if possible I would advise using 2.4.9-31 from redhat.  The virtual memory
>>in previous kernels is unacceptable for production use.  If you see any sort
>>of load it uses all it's resources swapping kernel pages.
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>>>Hello Tarun,
>>>     I think that there are a great number of reasons that you may want to
>>Don't forget important security updates or major bugs that prevent normal
>>operation and can not be worked around.
>>Those are the prime reasons for Red Hat to bring out errata packages.
>>It might just be your lucky day, if you only knew.
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