Fifth Hard Drive Slot on a 2550

Ron Reed rreed at
Wed Apr 17 11:52:01 CDT 2002

I have tried twice to get a kit that allow me to mount a tape drive in 
the fifth drive location on a PowerEdge 2550. The first time, they sent 
me the kit to mount the floppy drive and laptop cdrom drive that goes 
above the fifth drive space. This last time they sent me a kit that will 
allow me to put a removable hard drive in the fifth slot. Can someone 
please give me the part number(s) for the kit(s) to be able to mount a 
tape drive or a DVD-RAM drive in this fifth slot?

Can I use the removable hard drive kit with a special mount kit for the 
tape drive? The DVD-RAM drive will not fit in the removable slot. I have 
tried to get the part numbers from phone calls, and both times the parts 
were wrong.

If I am not being clear on what I need, please ask me.

Ron Reed

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