Why to upgrade the linux kernel?

Tarun Bhatia tarunb at lightsand.com
Wed Apr 17 10:46:00 CDT 2002

Thanks folks. I really appreciate it...  this is significant input to me...

Fred Moyer wrote:

>if possible I would advise using 2.4.9-31 from redhat.  The virtual memory
>in previous kernels is unacceptable for production use.  If you see any sort
>of load it uses all it's resources swapping kernel pages.
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>>Hello Tarun,
>>    I think that there are a great number of reasons that you may want to
>Don't forget important security updates or major bugs that prevent normal
>operation and can not be worked around.
>Those are the prime reasons for Red Hat to bring out errata packages.
>It might just be your lucky day, if you only knew.
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