need help with Dell OpenManage install Joshua_Giles at
Tue Apr 16 11:46:01 CDT 2002

How did you install dellomsa?  Through the or script?
If you only installed the dellomsa rpms then Dell OpenManage Server
Administrator (omawsd) did not get installed.  omawsd is the webserver.

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> Make sure omawsd is running
>omaswd status

I suppose the install didn't completly work:

# omaswd status
bash: omaswd: command not found


# dellomsa status
dcstor32d (pid 1198 1197 1196 1194 1193 1192 1191) is running...
dcevt32d (pid 1208 1207 1206) is running...
dcsnmp32d (pid 1219 1218 1217 1216) is running...


# dellomsa restart
Stopping/unloading Dell OpenManage Server Agent...
Stopping/unloading the daemon: dcsnmp32d                   [  OK  ]
Stopping/unloading the daemon: dcevt32d                    [  OK  ]
Stopping/unloading the daemon: dcstor32d                   [  OK  ]
Stopped/unloaded Dell OpenManage Server Agent.
Starting/loading Dell OpenManage Server Agent...
Starting/loading the daemon: /usr/sbin/dcstor32d           [  OK  ]
Starting/loading the daemon: /usr/sbin/dcevt32d            [  OK  ]
Starting/loading the daemon: /usr/sbin/dcsnmp32d           [  OK  ]
Started/loaded Dell OpenManage Server Agent.

I'm at a loss for what is wrong.  thanks,


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