Kernel-enterprise or kernel-smp ? Matt_Domsch at
Tue Apr 16 09:43:00 CDT 2002

> Currently I have in production a PE 2500 (with 2 PIII with 1GB RAM)
> running apache/mysql with a redhat 7.0. The redhat 7.0 has been
> installed by dell, with the following kernel :
> 2.2.16-22enterprise
> 2.2.16-22smp
> 2.2.16-22
> By default, lilo has been installed to boot the system using the
> 'enterprise' kernel. 
> Under a heavy load, what is the best kernel to use ? The 
> 2.2.16-22smp or the 2.2.16-22enterprise ? 

With 2.2.x series kernels, the UP and SMP kernels can use at most just under
900MB, while the "enterprise" kernel can use up to 4GB.  Because you have
more than 900MB of RAM, the enterprise kernel was chosen as default.

With the 2.4.x series kernels, the UP and SMP kernels can use at most 4GB
RAM, while the "enterprise" (and in the Red Hat "Skipjack" public beta,
"bigmem" kernel) can use up to 64GB RAM, though there is a slight
performance penalty for being able to access that much RAM.

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