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force the rpms (rpm -ivh --force --nodeps) on first, then apply Matt's
patches (one must be applied twice), then reinstall the dellomsa-drivers
rpm, run the patches again, and then run the install script.

remember, compat-libstdc++ is required and loadable module support must be
compiled into the kernel. also, its better to update tot he latest snmp
before installing server admin (as opposed to after.)

thats how steve and i got it to work several weeks ago.


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PE 2550/RH 7.2  2.4.9-21smp kernel

I have really tried dutifully to do this myself, but I've hit a wall, and I
don't want to proceed without getting assistance from some experts.

I tried installing the dellomsa RPMs on my 2.4.9-21 kernel, and was told I
needed dynamic kernel support, so I downloaded the kernel-source and
kernel-headers for my kernel. When I tried to rpm the kernel-headers rpm, it
conflicted with the existing kernel-headers2.4-7-10 headers  in
/usr/include/linux, so I did a "rpm -e --nodeps kernel-headers2.4.7-10" and
then installed the 2.4.9-21 headers.  No problem.  I then installed the
2.4.9-21 kernel source2.4.9-21 rpm, and again, no problem.

Now I've got all the pre-requisites for the Dynamic Kernel Support, I tried
to install the dellomsa RPM, and I got these errors:

$ rpm -ihv  dellomsa-4.51-3417.i386.rpm
error: failed dependencies:
        ServerAdministrator is needed by dellomsa-4.51-3417
        dellomsa-drivers >= 4.51 is needed by dellomsa-4.51-3417 is needed by dellomsa-4.51-3417

So I tried to install the ServerAdministrator first, and then got this:

$ rpm -ihv ServerAdministrator-1.0-0.i386.rpm
error: failed dependencies:
        dellomsa is needed by ServerAdministrator-1.0-0

So now what?  How do I get this installed with dynamic kernel support, and
get past the dependencies for the dellomsa install?   Is it is easy as
specifying "--nodeps" on the dellomsa install?   Will everything still

Thanks in advance!


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