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To install RH 7.2 on a PE1650 with ROMB (PERC3/DI) without using the
OpenManage CD....
The problem is that the PCI IDs for the PE1650 ROMB weren't known when RH
7.2 went gold. The workaround is really simple, you just pass the IDs in to
the driver during install.  
Boot the first CD. At the boot: prompt, type: expert noprobe
When prompted for a driver disk, say no. When prompted for a driver to load,
select aacraid, and select the box for passing extra options to the driver.
On the next screen you can pass options. This is what you put:
Thank You,
Jeremy Sheard
DELL Server Support

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I have a new PE 1650, and I can only get it to install RedHat 7.2 using
their OpenManage disk, which gives me no options to pick and choose my own
packages.  AAARGH.  Ugly install to say the least... can anyone tell me how
to install this without using the disk - or to force it to let me choose
packages?  I tried a standard install, but the aacraid driver wouldn't load!

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