PV110 LTO crashes linux box.

Steve_Boley@Dell.com Steve_Boley at Dell.com
Tue Apr 16 06:49:01 CDT 2002

Follow these steps and see if issues clear up on both systems.

Problem: Poweredge Servers locking up and screen freezing

Detail:  System is hard locking and you have to power cycle the system to
recover.  Screen is usually frozen and in NT you get only the
previous shutdown was unexpected error in event viewer.  The issue is more
prevailant in PEx3xx and above and is more common on systems
with raid and multiple pci cards in the system.  Is caused the majority of
the times by resource conflicts happening in the pci bus of the
server.  Most commonly the locking is from raid/scsi controllers sharing
with network adaptors or other raid/scsi controllers.  Heavy
loads on network and scsi system at the same time cause the lockups to
occur.  Such as network backups accessing nic and scsi controller
that the tape drive is on or local backups accessing the scsi controller the
tape drive is on and the raid controller that the hard
drives are running off of at the same time and they are sharing resources.
Default bios settings for Poweredge servers is all options 
enabled and in later models, there is only one irq available before adding
anything additional into the system and some models have none

1. Go into system setup and disable any unused or unnecessary devices.  On
x3xx and early x4xx systems is on second page of the
bios.  Enter F2 when the initial postup of the system instructs to enter
setup and when you enter setup, use Alt-P for 2nd page where
the devices are listed.  Most common things to disable are;  Parallel Port,
One or both Serial Ports, USB, Embedded NIC if not using, and
embedded SCSI controllers if an add-in raid card is present (if not tape
drive is on it).  Later x4xx, x5xx, and x6xx systems are listed
as 'integrated devices'.

2. While in system setup and after disabling devices, turn on the Caps, Num,
and Scroll lock lights on your keyboard and then press Alt-E
and the system should beep at you.  This is going to force a rescan of the
PCI bus after you reboot and reassign any irq's and memory 
addresses that were sharing to open irq's and memory addresses that were
freed by disabling resources.  

3. In older systems you can boot to the corresponding Resource Configuration
Utility and by choosing 'Step 3: View or edit details' and 
the F7 for 'Advanced Options Menu'.  Then choose the option 'View additional
system information' menu and then you can choose 'used 
resources' and then hit escape and then choose 'available resources'.  With
raid controllers you will see a bridge and the raid controller 
sharing an irq as well as dual port nic's having the same bridge and nic
sharing but everything else should have it's own irq.  You cannot 
disable and free resources here, that has to be done in setup before either
booting to RCU from floppy or running it from your F10 utility 
partition if it's still a partition on your hard drive or raid array.  If
you manually want to assign irq's you need to highlight the 
resource after entering the Step 3: 'View or edit details' and hit the F6
key.  Example is 'PCI Function 1 PCI 5' would be the 
corresponding entry for whatever pci card is in slot5.

This resolves a large number of systems freezing up and locking.  Is most
common on later models that have ide cdroms, embedded raid, usb
controllers, and extra cards in pci slots but has occurred in older early
"black" box Poweredge server version x3xx as well.

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We have a PV110 LTO connected to a PE2500 with a separate scsi card.
However, every time the TBU needs a cleaning tape it crashes the scsi
driver. Before the crash we see a few scsi bus reset errors in the logs. But
after about 5 of those errors the kernel oopses. The tape drive also crashes
and flashes all the orange leds on the front. After resetting the TBU only
the "cleaning tape" led is lit.

We also have a NT4 machine which is a PE2450 with the exact same tape drive
and the same Adaptec 39160 scsi card. When the TBU on this server needs a
cleaning tape we also need to reset the scsi card in the system in order to
access the tape unit.
It acts in the exact same way as the TBU on the linux box. All the leds on
the front are blinking and after resetting the drive only the "cleaning
tape" led is lit.

We already exchanged both the tape drive and scsi card in both systems but
to no avail.

I really so no reason why a tapedrive that needs a cleaning tape needs to
crash the scsi card so bad that it crashes the aic7xxx driver.

Seth Mos
IT department
Coltex BV

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