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Reseat the wires from the battery pack that is the backup battery for your
raid cache on the motherboard and check where the doors (PE2550 ????) close
and you have a chassis intrusion switch and you might have to bend up to
where the contacts will be closed by cover.

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Installed it today.

In Server Manager I got two warnings:

[Status: Critical] Main chassis intrusionChassis is open
[Status: Non-Critical] RAID On Motherboard Battery2.280 Volt4.500 
Volt10.000 Volt0.000 Volt12.000 Volt

1) What is chassis? I had opened the door to take off the NIC card, I 
must have not closed it completely. 

2) Can you please comment on the second one. Is there a problem with a 
battery or RAID or battery on RAID?

Thank you.

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