PV110 LTO crashes linux box.

Seth Mos Seth.Mos at coltex.nl
Tue Apr 16 04:31:01 CDT 2002


We have a PV110 LTO connected to a PE2500 with a separate scsi card.
However, every time the TBU needs a cleaning tape it crashes the scsi
driver. Before the crash we see a few scsi bus reset errors in the logs. But
after about 5 of those errors the kernel oopses. The tape drive also crashes
and flashes all the orange leds on the front. After resetting the TBU only
the "cleaning tape" led is lit.

We also have a NT4 machine which is a PE2450 with the exact same tape drive
and the same Adaptec 39160 scsi card. When the TBU on this server needs a
cleaning tape we also need to reset the scsi card in the system in order to
access the tape unit.
It acts in the exact same way as the TBU on the linux box. All the leds on
the front are blinking and after resetting the drive only the "cleaning
tape" led is lit.

We already exchanged both the tape drive and scsi card in both systems but
to no avail.

I really so no reason why a tapedrive that needs a cleaning tape needs to
crash the scsi card so bad that it crashes the aic7xxx driver.

Seth Mos
IT department
Coltex BV

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