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Here's the info I promised to you earlier.  Also if you have the dell
utility partition you 
need to place grub in the /boot partition and not the master boot record of
the drive.
PowerEdge with RedHat Linux and Perc2, 2/si, 3/si, and 3/di has 
Kernel Panic After Configuring Logical Drive on PVXXX Attached to Megaraid
System boots fine with both the ROMB and AMI percs in the system but once
a logical drive is configured on the AMI perc, kernel panics happen
until the logical drive is deleted on the AMI/LSI Megaraid controller.
The problem is with Redhat Linux's method of scanning the pci bus.  It is
the pci slots before the embedded controllers and is loading the megaraid
before the aacraid module and subsequently rearranges the drive and
order on the system and then grub/lilo points to the wrong location for the
partition of the system.  The fix is to edit your /etc/modules.conf to
the order the modules should actually be loaded and then recreating your
ramdisks to properly load the modules when the kernel is booting.  Here are
steps necessary to do that:
1.  You need to disconnect the external drives and boot the system. Edit
/etc/modules.conf file. You should see lines like:
          scsi_hostadapter  megaraid
          scsi_hostadapter1 aacraid
          scsi_hostadapter2 aic7xxx
and possibly others. Re-arrange the lines so that "aacraid" is before all
the rest, 
and renumber them in the new order.  What's important is that aacraid is
           scsi_hostadapter  aacraid
           scsi_hostadapter1 aic7xxx
           scsi_hostadapter2 megaraid
2.  Next, you need to regenerate all of your initial ramdisks (initrds). The
to do this is:
#mkinitrd  initrd-filename  kernel-version
Example for 7.2 default kernel is:
#mkinitrd /boot/initrd-2.4.7-10smp.img 2.4.7-10smp
Do this only on one kernel at first to ensure that you do it properly and
can boot to
the kernel that you have created the ramdisk for.  After successfully
booting to the
kernel with the new ramdisk, then continue to create ramdisks for all your
kernels you
have listed in /etc/lilo.conf or /boot/grub/grub.conf.
You are now ready to reattach the PVxxx and recover the configuration from
if no array is there, create a logical drive, initialize, and boot to linux.
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I am new to Linux, and it is a few years since I did an install of any type
of UNIX, but now I am facing the challenge of installing Linux 7.2 on a
Poweredge 2450 with a PowerVault 200S  and I cannot achieve success.
I have 2 disks in the server (mirrored) and there are 3 disks in the
I can run through the entire install, and there are no apparent problems
(megaraid etc. all appear to be dealt with), but at the end of the install
Linux will not boot.
If I boot Linux from a boot disk, it fails with a kernel panic.
Has anyone done such an install before and is there something I am missing?
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