installing Linux on Poweredge 2450 with PowerVault 200S

Gareth Hobson gareth.hobson at
Mon Apr 15 14:07:01 CDT 2002

I am new to Linux, and it is a few years since I did an install of any type
of UNIX, but now I am facing the challenge of installing Linux 7.2 on a
Poweredge 2450 with a PowerVault 200S  and I cannot achieve success.

I have 2 disks in the server (mirrored) and there are 3 disks in the

I can run through the entire install, and there are no apparent problems
(megaraid etc. all appear to be dealt with), but at the end of the install
Linux will not boot.

If I boot Linux from a boot disk, it fails with a kernel panic.

Has anyone done such an install before and is there something I am missing?


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