poervault/linux query

jason andrade jason at dstc.edu.au
Sun Apr 14 01:54:00 CDT 2002

On Sun, 14 Apr 2002, Michael E Brown wrote:

> Neat question. I've never done anything more than flip the power switch on
> them. Unless you have write caching turned on, WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE
> TURNED ON UNLESS YOU HAVE THE UPS OPTION, you shouldn't have to worry
> about it. Sorry about yelling, but it is an important point. (Write cache
> is turned off by default anyways. You really have to know what you are
> doing to turn it on, as there are at least two (iirc) places you need to
> touch to get it on.)

we have the SPS batteries, and dell configured the server with write
caching.  but NOT on the drives. just the array.

> > 	o get the array to do a consistency check on the luns
> > 	  as i am getting a lot of "soft peer bus error"
> Another good question. I don't know about this one. Sounds bad to me.
> Where are you getting this error message?

i see this in the openmanage array manager, when i look at the
"event log" for SPA.

> >         o migrate 2 LUNs from SPA to SPB
> There is a menu option for this in Data Administrator. (from memory) click
> on the luns and change the default owner, then tell it to switch active
> SPs. The key is to change the default owner in Data Administrator on the
> NT box. You might have to have the NT box hooked up to both SPs, though. I
> don't exactly remember. :-(

i hve tried this.  i change the default owner - i even clicked on the lun
and said "change from SPA to SPB" but nothing happens.  it says it has
changed the ownership over, but it hasn't...

i cannot hook my NT box up to both SPs.. i don't have enough HBAs to
do that :-) (only one in the NT box)

> >         o save it all
> It automatically does this.

oh good.

> >         o on the linux box, add a second HBA and then i should see
> >           2 LUNs on one HBA and 2 on the other.
> This sounds about right.

no luck so far.. 

> > another quick query on the 2450 - if you have two of them configured
> > with 2 disks in each in a mirror set and you want to "swap" disks
> > between the two, if you power down both machines and swap both
> > disks (e.g disk0 and disk1) between chassis, will that work, or
> > is there some key tied into the controller nvram on diskid etc ?
> Generally you will need to boot the machine and go into the firmware to
> tell it to ignore the nvram and re-read the config from the disk. It is
> generally pretty obvious how to do this once you get into the BIOS screen,
> but there are several knowledgeable people on the list who can guide you
> step-by-step should you need it.

in the end i chanced this on a test box.  if you move both drives over,
the bios seems to recognise that it doesn't have 2 new drives.  however
it will go into a "scrubbing" period for a while.  this didn't seem to
affect the disk/data at all, and i was able to use this on other machines
so i would give it a qualified "it does the right thing".



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