poervault/linux query

jason andrade jason at dstc.edu.au
Sat Apr 13 18:11:00 CDT 2002


This isn't a direct linux query but i'm hoping a knowledgeable PV
person can help..

we have a PV650F with 3 PV630Fs attached.  this is direct attached
to a dell 2450 with a single HBA (Qlogic 2200 copper) via SPA.

i have a dell 4100 with win2000 and the array manager software
to configure/manage the 650.

the disks are configured as 4 LUNs, made up of a RAID5 volume
in each 630F.   they were configured by dell with mainly default
settings (e.g 2K page size, prefetch settings, 210M read cache

i am trying to figure out the best way to:

	o shut down the array

	o get the array to do a consistency check on the luns
	  as i am getting a lot of "soft peer bus error"

        o configure up SPB

        o migrate 2 LUNs from SPA to SPB

        o save it all

        o on the linux box, add a second HBA and then i should see
          2 LUNs on one HBA and 2 on the other.

        o configure failover, so if a SP fails, it will fail the
          LUNs over to the other SP - and then i manually reboot
          the linux box to "see" all the LUNs

another quick query on the 2450 - if you have two of them configured
with 2 disks in each in a mirror set and you want to "swap" disks
between the two, if you power down both machines and swap both
disks (e.g disk0 and disk1) between chassis, will that work, or
is there some key tied into the controller nvram on diskid etc ?



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