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Thu Apr 11 17:07:00 CDT 2002

> when we first got our 2450s about 18 months ago, i dutifully 
> installed the server assistant onto the hard drives to enable support for 
> the F10 stuff at boot time.
> is this actually worth doing ?

> it appears that if you are trashing the MBR
> with lilo or grub your F10 stuff to call it up from the hard 
> drive won't work anyway

Don't install lilo or grub to the MBR (/dev/sda).  Install it to the /boot
partition (/dev/sda2 or whatever).  DSA's kickstart file does this
automatically.  Then F10 works, /dev/sda2 gets marked active and is normally
booted, and the MBR contains the normal DOS "fdisk /mbr" MBR.
> it appears to be a 30M or so partition at the start of the 
> disk

Yes, exactly.

> - i am thinking about wiping it out in our upcoming upgrade and using it
for /boot.

It's got various DOS-based utilities such as Dell Diagnostics, and for more
recent copies of DSA, it's used to place the kickstart file so you don't
even need a floppy to do Linux installs w/ DSA.  You can decide whether that
small space is worth devoting to such.


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