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Thu Apr 11 16:42:00 CDT 2002

> Why does Dell ship the PowerEdge server's (when RAID is 
> enabled) with a 4GB container and then another container
> taking up the rest of the space?
> It was ordered  with no factory installed OS, that might help??????

Bingo.  Ordered with Linux, it would be one big RAID volume.
Ordered with various other OSs, they have restrictions on the size of the
boot volume (IIRC Windows NT couldn't boot off a volume larger than 4GB, DOS
really had a limit of about 2GB).  The "NO OS" SKUs default to allowing one
of those OSs to be installed w/o first needing to destroy and re-create your

The Dell Server Assistant CD can destroy and recreate your containers the
way you want them prior to new OS install.  That's the recommended method of
OS install.


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