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The Server Administrator Instrumentation MIB (10892.mib) is installed when
Server Administrator is installed.  After Server Administrator is installed
on Linux, the Instrumentation MIB can be found at
/usr/lib/dell/openmanage/omsa/mibs/10892.mib.  It defines the
Instrumentation traps at the end of the file.

To send traps from a Server Administrator system, you need to configure the
SNMP agent to send traps to one or more destinations.  Instructions for
doing that are in the Server Administrator User's Guide.  Go to the
"Configuring the SNMP Agent" section under the "Setup and Administration"
section.  The User's Guide is available on the Product Documentation CD and

The traps MIB(as well as other Dell Server MIBs) should be in the
/support/dcpemibs directory on the Systems Management CD.  

I found Dell server MIBs at, but the only MIB release I
found was dated 4/24/2001 which is pre-Server Administrator.  I will try to
get someone to update the support website.

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Thanks for the information. I visited the link provided and got some info
about the traps. Is there some way that I could get the MIBs which define

Also, what do I need to change to receive trap on a particular ip address?


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>I believe the information you are looking for can be found on the Dell
>Documentation CD that comes with your system or online at:
>In particular, there is a pdf file found in the Dell OpenManage Server
>SNMP Reference section that has information on Traps.
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>Subject: SNMP traps query
>I see that Dell 1550/1650 supports fault monitoring of voltage,
>fan and thermal conditions to help ensure notification in case
>of problem. Can anybody provide me details whether it generates
>the SNMP traps or not? If it does, where I can find the MIB for
>those traps?
>Also, I would appreciate if I could know how to configure the
>SNMP daemon (agent) running on Dell server.
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