Integrated Intel cards not working in RH 7.2 Steve_Boley at
Thu Apr 11 12:02:00 CDT 2002

Jumper clear cmos on the motherboard and then they will start working.
Seems to be some kind of issue in bios and pci bus is having some problems
occasionally with the nics.  This will fix the issue and clear it up.  Do
disable any resources in setup not being used like parallel port and serial

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   I've been tasked w/ setting up a PowerEdge 1550 w/ RH 7.2, and I cannot
to get either of the integrated Intel cards to come up on the network. Now,
have *tons* of experience w/ Linux and RH, and I've recently configured two 
almost identical PowerEdge 1550s w/ Debian (a distribution I have even more 
experience w/). So, I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. The on-board 
diagnostics indicate both cards are fine, and I've tried both the eepro100 
driver and the e100 driver. The network comes up, but when I ping something 
(the router, the DNS servers, my workstation), I get the 'Destination Host 
Unreachable' error. The other two PowerEdges work great (I couldn't be more 
pleased, actually); the only difference is that those two are directly on
network. This PowerEdge is on a switch w/ several other computers including
other PowerEdge 1550s running older versions of Red Hat which work fine
were configured before I started working here which is then connected to the

network through a cross-over cable. So, am I crazy, or does this sound more 
like a networking problem than a Linux problem? Thanks!

Wes Kurdziolek
UNIX Systems Administrator
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