Integrated Intel cards not working in RH 7.2 wkurdzio at
Thu Apr 11 11:53:01 CDT 2002


   I've been tasked w/ setting up a PowerEdge 1550 w/ RH 7.2, and I cannot seem 
to get either of the integrated Intel cards to come up on the network. Now, I 
have *tons* of experience w/ Linux and RH, and I've recently configured two 
almost identical PowerEdge 1550s w/ Debian (a distribution I have even more 
experience w/). So, I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. The on-board 
diagnostics indicate both cards are fine, and I've tried both the eepro100 
driver and the e100 driver. The network comes up, but when I ping something 
(the router, the DNS servers, my workstation), I get the 'Destination Host 
Unreachable' error. The other two PowerEdges work great (I couldn't be more 
pleased, actually); the only difference is that those two are directly on the 
network. This PowerEdge is on a switch w/ several other computers including two 
other PowerEdge 1550s running older versions of Red Hat which work fine which 
were configured before I started working here which is then connected to the 
network through a cross-over cable. So, am I crazy, or does this sound more 
like a networking problem than a Linux problem? Thanks!

Wes Kurdziolek
UNIX Systems Administrator
wkurdzio at

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