SNMP traps query

Tarun Bhatia tarunb at
Wed Apr 10 13:50:30 CDT 2002

Thanks for the information. I visited the link provided and got some info
about the traps. Is there some way that I could get the MIBs which define

Also, what do I need to change to receive trap on a particular ip address?


Joshua_Giles at wrote:

>I believe the information you are looking for can be found on the Dell
>Documentation CD that comes with your system or online at:
>In particular, there is a pdf file found in the Dell OpenManage Server Agent
>SNMP Reference section that has information on Traps.
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>Subject: SNMP traps query
>I see that Dell 1550/1650 supports fault monitoring of voltage,
>fan and thermal conditions to help ensure notification in case
>of problem. Can anybody provide me details whether it generates
>the SNMP traps or not? If it does, where I can find the MIB for
>those traps?
>Also, I would appreciate if I could know how to configure the
>SNMP daemon (agent) running on Dell server.
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