CERC ATA100/4CH on Linux (Was: What RAID in PE1655MC blades?)

Jerker Nyberg jerker at update.uu.se
Wed Apr 10 03:46:00 CDT 2002

On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, jason andrade wrote:

> i'd love to buy a bunch of 350s if i could do hardware raid1 on them -
> though i'm contemplating whether linux's software raid1 might be
> acceptable.  i can't quite see how it'd work if the primary drive dies
> though unlike hardware raid..

It is quite easy to find out. Install Red Hat 7.2 with raid1 over two
IDE-drives. Power-down the first IDE-drive. Keep on running. :-)

Of course, replacing the failed drive is difficult without rebooting the
machine. (Maybe need to boot the kernel from floppy in order not to get
"no operating system" or something form the BIOS?)

There may of course be some more difficult drive failures that require
hardware raid, but I havn't yet run into them... 

In my experience, the major problem with IDE-drives running with software
raid1 is that they seem to drop out of the array even when they should be
ok... I'm only using SCSI hotswap software-raid now.

Jerker Nyberg.

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