PowerEdge Web Server install

Lee, David Y. dlee at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Tue Apr 9 15:41:01 CDT 2002

Already emailed Carlos Batista about this but he may not be available to answer so I will try here.

I attempted to upgrade my powerapp 120.web to the new v3.0 poweredge webserver OS. (rh7.2 w/ web assist). Previously the box was configured with software raid 5 on 3x18g disks. The OS installation went fine initially, however when it completed, I noticed that it had installed itself on sda only. Sdb and sdb were left untouched, and as this was a hands-free type installation, there were no options to select raid configuration. My guess is that the installation proggy did not recognize the disk configuration on the 2nd and 3rd scsis, and only partitioned and formatted the first disk? I went ahead and deleted the remaing raid 5 partition information on the 2nd/3rd disks, however I haven't had time to try another install. Is this a known issue, and is software raid still an option for the webserver package? As this box is not going to be seeing a lot of babysitting, we'd like to stick as close to the standard install as possible, but at the same time we'd really like to use sofw!
are raid

Any insight would be appreciated!
Dave Lee

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