Error with PE 4400 & PERC3/Di & RH

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Tue Apr 9 12:01:01 CDT 2002

I am running a 4400 with rh7.2 also, exact same firmware, etc.  Sounds like
you have a bad drive - dell has a utility on their support site which you
can run a disk check.  Had this same problem when I got refurbed drives from
dell and found out 3 of them failed the check.  That machine was crashing on
a daily basis until the drives were replaced.

I would call dell and try to get the diag program and check the drives.

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Subject: Error with PE 4400 & PERC3/Di & RH
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I need some help

I want to have a stable version of Linux 7.x on my PE 4400.
This server has a PERC3/di RAID controller.

The configuration is :

ESM : A56
Firmware : Adaptec PERC3/Di, v., A07
Linux : RH 7.2 (not SBE)
Driver : include in Linux RH 7.2
Utilities : aacraid-util-rh7.1.tar.gz

But I had a problem with one disk (the first has its orange led on)
A after restoring the RAID the system becomes hazardous, many fsk and it
finish with a kernel panic.

Can you tell me If my combination of Firmware, Driver, Linux and
Utilities is wrong ?

And if it is Which combination of Firmware, Driver, Linux and Utilities
should I use ?

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