How to restore the MBR for the utility partition

Pierre POMES ppomes at
Tue Apr 9 05:06:01 CDT 2002

Hi all,

I made a mistake... After installing the utility partition, I installed
lilo in the MBR and not in the /boot partition... I assume the MBR
crashed for the utility partition. I tried to uninstall lilo, but I does
not work...

I tried to reinstall the utility partition from the 'openmanage server
assistant CD', everything seems to work fine, but only the partition
seems to be updated, and not the MBR.

Is there a way to restore the MBR for the utility partition ? I have
another poweredge with a right MBR, is there a way to copy it with the
"dd" command for exemple ? 

Or perhaps a 'fdisk /mbr' from a DOS system floppy disk should repair it

Thanks for your help...
Pierre POMES                        mailto:ppomes at
Interface Technologies

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