Major! PowerEdge 64xx Server PCI Slot 3 Problem

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Mon Apr 8 12:10:01 CDT 2002

so this happens with ANY card in pci 3?  have you tried even something like
an intel nic or something really standard?  if that's the case you should 1)
order a network card from dell, 2) put it in pci 3, 3) have dell replace the
other board when it fails.  This sounds like motherboard architecture or
manufacturing defect

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Subject: Major! PowerEdge 64xx Server PCI Slot 3 Problem
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Hi All,

         Recently we discovered a problem in a Dell 6400 and 6540
servers.  When
we install a PCI card into slot 3 in either of these systems the system
will not even
start to run the POST, at least there is no indication on the monitor and
system does not appear to have any activity on it.
         Removed the card from either server and the system will run POST.
same cards in our Dual-Intel SuperMicro based systems run fine.

         Anyone else seen a problem like this?  Its repeatable every time
cards are installed into this slot.

         Dell has replaced the Motherboard in one of the systems and the
new board
fails the same way.  Both are running Quad Xeon processors, 1GB of memory,
one is 700Mhz, and the other is 900Mhz.  Both are at firmware rev A10 as
by Dell.

         Since this is happening in two separate systems with different
boards its unlikely
to be just a random occurrence.  Dell has to know something about this with
all the servers
they have deployed worldwide.   Yet its been a few weeks and we still do
not have an answer
from Dell as to what is going on.  The answer so far has been that if Dell
didn't sell us
the PCI cards they will not support us.

         We have returned the 700Mhz system as it was just purchased and
Dell could not
fix it.  We may be stuck with the other one unless someone can help...

         One PCI card is based on the PLX9080 chip set and the other an
AMCC chip set.
Neither of these type of cards has ever caused any problems in the past, in
any of the systems
we have installed them in.  The folks at PLX can not think of any reason
they should be causing
this type of problem.  We haven't contacted the AMCC people yet.

Both cards are 5 vdc - 33mhz -- PCI Bus masters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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