Using dell raid1 as OS upgrade/change control ?

jason andrade jason at
Mon Apr 8 09:07:00 CDT 2002


I'm looking at trying to use the hardware raid as a backup/change control method
for an OS upgrade.   I'm looking at moving from RedHat 7.0 to RedHat 7.2 to upgrade
various bits, but in particular to try and deal with various NFS related issues
that have been extremely broken for me under Linux with high load (NFS serving
> 1Tbyte/day).

I have a Dell 2450 with 2 * 9G drives currently configured in a RAID1 set.  I am
looking at using afacli to break the mirror, which should (i assume!) give me a
running OS on disk0, and a complete copy on disk1.   I'd then like to power the
machine down, remove the disk1, and do a fresh install of a new OS on disk0. 

If it all goes well, i'd like to put disk1 back, rejoin the mirror and have the
contents overwritten from disk0.

If it all didn't work, i'd like to put disk1 back as disk0, move disk0 into
disk1's slot and boot from the old disk1 (now in disk0's slot) and recreate
the mirror ?

Is this viable as a means of "quick recover" rather than restoring from DAT?
(which i will have a backup onto anyway)



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