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Fri Apr 5 11:20:01 CST 2002

> so i hear about the openmanage system a lot but im still not 
> sure what all 
> the features are and what it does. could anyone care to clarify??

It does a lot. has the marketing take on it all.
Click "Server Management" there.
Most OpenManage features work on servers running Linux.

Just a few examples of features of OpenManage Server Administrator 1.0:
* Reading status of fans, voltages, and temperature probes
* Setting threshhold values for various events (over-temp, slow or fast
fans, etc)
* Setting the hardware watchdog timer timeout value and action
* run diagnostics while OS is running
* Connect to the server management software running on the target server
using a web browser is a good resource.

There are other components to the OpenManage suite.
The Server Assistant CD which guides you through OS installs, and recognizes
Red Hat Linux CDs.
A few components, like OpenManage Array Manager, have not yet finished being
ported to Linux, but nearly everything else has.

Hope this helps.

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