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Not possible to turn them off through software, it is a HW driven light.
What controls it is the ESM (embedded server management) which has sensors
on the MB, BP and PDB (motherboard, backplane, power distrobution board).
There are tons of things that could "possibly" set it to go orange.  If it
goes orange it is best that you call in, if you have the same issue later
then you can use your previous experience to fix the issue....say if a HD
goes out, get it rebuilt/replaced and it will go blue again.  That way if it
happens again you can atleast check HDs if that was the first thing.
Generally it is suggested to call in since it could be a few things.
Generally check your HDs, then check the power supplies.  Power supplies,
make sure they are green and fans are spinning, if nogo then reseat them, if
nogo then call in.


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neat, so what sets them off? and how do i reset it once i fix the issue???

it would be nice to be able to set it off through software... i could set 
allerts through my firewall rules :)


At 07:46 PM 4/4/2002 -0600, Robert_Wideman at wrote:
>Blue lights mean that system is in normal working order.  Orange means
>something is wrong, normally hardware...could be failed HD to bad MB.
>ators for more info.
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