Two PEconnecting at same SCSI Bus

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Thu Apr 4 18:45:00 CST 2002

When I did this there's a few things you have to do:
Change the cards to "SHARED" mode.
Change one of the cards ID (which you've done)
Ensure the shared SCSI unit is set to shared mode (on the dell unit we had,
we had to take out the cards and change a jumper to "force joined")

It should be a purely hardware thing, we needed no changes to any modules or
kernel parameters. Cheers, Matt

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Well, i've got some trouble to connect 2 PowerEdge 2550 under Linux 7.0
(2.2.16-22) on the same SCSI Bus.
I'm using the following HW :
 - 2 AHA 39160 on each servers,
 - one disk array with 2 HD 18,6 LV on each channel B (Full LVD, no

The 39130 ID  is set to ID7 (default) on server A and to ID8 on server B.
'Bus Reset' at boot is disabled.

Linux is running on both servers (and fine when there are no disk mounted
from the share bus).

Actually, the systems can not run together as i got  scsi time-outs, errors
on the shared bus. Also, the other controller does not appears in devices
list connected on the local SCSI controller (is it normal ??) I think that
one of the controllers must be set as target mode. How can i do that ? is
there any parameter to include at aic7xxxx module load ?

Thanks for Help.
email: jean-rigaud_laurent at

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