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Here is how the physical connection works on the 210 (assuming fully
populated with 12 drives):

1)  if 1 server attached, it will see all 12 drives
2)  if 2 servers attached, the backplane will split: the server cabled to
the left side module viewed from the rear will see drives 0-5, the other
server will see the other 6 drives.
3)  if you have either SEMM or ESEM modules, there is a jumper on the module
itself named "forced join".  If this is jumpered and 2 servers attached,
both servers will be able to see all 12 drives.  This comes into play when
clustering is done and both servers have to have the ability to see the same

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Subject: 4300 and a 6450 to a 210s

Sounds confusing but, the moral of this story is that we have a 
Poweredge 6450 connected to a Powervault 210s, currently running RH7.0

What I'd like to see happen, is a Poweredge 4300 gets connected up to 
that array as well. There is a second scsi interface on the back of the 
210s, so at least physically this is possible.

The next step, is that the 6450 is being backed down to RH 6.2 for 
Oracle reasons, as the 4300 is already there. Anyone know of just the 
physical connectivity working in this sort of situation, or anyone known 
annoyances with this sort of setup?

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