X lockups on Poweredge 2300

Steve_Boley@Dell.com Steve_Boley at Dell.com
Wed Apr 3 09:19:00 CST 2002

Here's what you can try, you need to either boot to the utility partition
with F10 if you left it there or make a 'resource configuration utility'
diskette and boot to it.  

Go to configure your computer and then choose step 3(don't remember the
title of it).  

After this, hit F7 for advanced options.

Choose View additional system information.

Used resources

Look for doubling on the irq listings.  To free any and stop sharing of any
of them you will need to enter the F2 bios setup screens and disable things
before running the configuration utility or change them and rerun it.
Disable parallel port, serial ports, primary scsi if you have raid and not
using, and anything else to free irq's.  

After you see in the step above if anything is sharing, hit escape and go
back a level and choose available resources and see if any irq's are

Escape back to the screen after choosing step 3.  Locate the video card you
are using that is listed there and arrow to it and hit F6.

Change the irq to something that is not conflicting with anything else and
then escape back to the menu with 5 steps and do step 5 save and exit.  It
will prompt you to save and then when it finally says to reboot the system,
pop the floppy and boot to os.


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I'm having trouble with a Poweredge 2300, dual P3-450, 512MB RAM, Redhat
7.2 (with all errata).

I want to use it as a Linux desktop, but the onboard video memory is too
small for decent resolutions/colour depth.

I have 2 PCI graphics cards to try; an S3Virge rebadge and an ATI 264VT.
Both lockup the machine hard.

I can get slightly further with the S3. It actually starts X, but dies
when I stress it with "x11perf -all". The ATI locks as soon as
Xconfigurator "tests" the card (after probing, before "how much
memory?"). Similar with the graphical installer for RH7.2.

I've got as far as I can with serial consoles (no oops), nmi_watchdog
arguments to the kernel (didn't work), uniprocessor kernels (didn't
help), moving the card around to different slots (didn't help), looking
for "disable onboard video" jumper (there isn't one, but the Dell docs
do say it's disabled). Everything's fine in text-mode, BTW.

Can anyone help? Known workarounds are ideal, but suggestions of how to
diagnose the cause of the lockup are also welcome.



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