Red Hat Advanced Server and Dell

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Thanks for the info Micheal and Stephen.  Very useful thanks.

>Seriously, if you look at things from an Enterprise or large business
>perspective, $800 is really a pittance. Compare that to the fact that
>there are no per-seat fees, and you might as well spend the extra money on
>Advanced Server. If you look at the marketplace, Microsoft is charging
>this much, up-front, for their produce, except then they tack on per-user
>or per-seat fees after that. With the AS product, you get more technical
>support, RHN, and clustering features, built into the product. Looks fair
>to me. What does everybody else think?

So, it seems like what you are getting is:
A.  More technical support
C.  Clustering freatures
D.  Kernel enhancements

Yes, as you say this may well be worth $800 (or more) to me.  My two-penneth is:

A.  I am not sure how much more support this product includes.  But we already purchase support separately.  (We used to buy 3 year Red Hat support contracts, but are switching to a local firm).

B.  This can be purchased separately: $60 basic or $240 workgroup service.

C.  Not sure what this is worth to me.  We are just about to implement some web load balancing / clustering via a Dell Powerapp 220 BigIP HA - i.e. dedicated load balancing device.  If this product would help me with failover for a PostgreSQL database, then I would be very interested indeed.

D.  This is the key for me, and may well be worth the money by itself.  Hence I was trying to better understand what this actually meant; and what the benefit to me would be.


1.  What will be the legal aspect w.r.t copying this onto multiple servers?
I accept that support and RHN only applies to a single copy.  But if I only want the technology improvements do I need to purchase multiple copies?

2.  If this product is updated less frequently than the standard Red Hat Linux are we likely to miss out / be very delayed on any important updates if we adopt it?

3.  Stephen - you said that this may not be available on the whole PE range.  It it likely to be offered on PE1x50s and PE2x50s?  (Then I can decide if the $800 is resonable or not!).

Oh, there appears to be a little more detailed info in a PDF here:



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