netboot image for redhat-6.2

Glen Turner glen.turner at
Thu Sep 20 19:56:00 CDT 2001

Matt_Domsch at wrote:
> > Does anyone know where to get a redhat netboot image with works with
> > aacraid controllers?
> If you don't want to use a driver disk, then you've got to go muck about
> with the initrd.img compressed file system that's on the bootnet.img, and
> before rebooting at the end of the install, add in the right aacraid.o file
> for the kernel(s) you're about to run, and run mkinitrd and lilo again.

We're actually going down this path as we can't order the SBE CDs from
Australia  -- the CDs are only be shipped with new machines as Dell
AsiaPac don't seem to be able to obtain them as seperate parts :-(

We also want to manage the machines without touching them (some
of them are in the US).  The soon-to-be released updated Remote-
Serial-Console-HOWTO at
shows our approach.  A network install is required for this.

In a week or so we will probably have a "all care, no responsibility"
build available from
suitable for the Dell 1550, 25x0 and 2400 machines.  It might not
be totally suitable as we are a research network so the kernel
will probably also have VLAN, MPLS, etc.

> On Red Hat's site somewhere (memory fails me), there's a great description of
> what the initrd.img looks like internally, and what files need to get
> changed.

There's also some informal documentation at
which I'm currently trying to get to work.  Hints would
be appreciated.

It would be nice to have some solid vendor documentation for
the CD build, if only to avoid the problem where you remotely upgrade
the OS and then have it immediately scanned and hacked through
a daemon buffer overflow -- the patch for which you were just
about to apply.  Our experience with the recent worms is
that 30 seconds exposure is enough to render 50% of machines
compromised.  There's yet to be a Linux-based worm of the
Code Red magnitude but we don't want our operations compromised
when one inevitably appears.

> I'd go the driver disk route myself.

It looks a lot easier if you have phyiscal access to the machine.


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