Broadcom 5700 on Red Hat 2.2.16-22

Chris Szilagyi chris at
Tue Oct 30 06:38:00 CST 2001


We recently purchased a PowerEdge 2550 (with the integrated Broadcom 5700
gigabit adapter) and the Intel Pro 1000/T server adapter.  The server is
acting as a firewall using the two gigabit adapters.  During
very heavy traffic through the machine, the Broadcom adapter will drop
offline briefly, then come back up.  Right when this happens, looking in
/var/log/messages shows us the following:

Oct 26 13:05:15 fw kernel: eth0: Tx hung
Oct 26 13:09:24 fw kernel: eth0: Link up, 100 Mbps half duplex

We have tried the Broadcom driver v 1.4.5, supplied by Dell, and also the
Broadcom driver v 1.4.6 supplied by 3com for the 3c996, which we have found
has the Broadcom chip in it.  We tried both of these drivers with the
2.2.16-22 kernel, and with the 2.2.19-7.0.10enterprise kernel, and get the
same results.  We also tried the obvious by using different ethernet cables
and plugging into a 10/100 switch and a gigabit switch. Still, the same

I was wondering if anybody else has seen the Broadcom adapter do this. I
would also appreciate any feedback on how stable this adapter is and how
stable the driver for Linux is.  We are temporarily using two Intel Pro
1000/T adapters and they are rock solid.

Thanks in advance,
Group InfoTech, Inc.

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