RedHat Network (RHN)

Mark J Strawcutter MJSTRAW at
Mon Oct 29 09:41:00 CST 2001

>The RHN IS compatible with the 7.1 SBE on your 2550. For various reasons
>(non-technical) that I won't go in to, Dell decided not to factory-install,
>or have the CD's install by default, the RHN RPM's. If you want to enable
>RHN, follow the instructions for installing the RPM's in the as found in the
>Information Update.

Installing the RPM's is not the problem.

The problem is that when you go to the RedHat site and register a retail
product, it adds one (1) to the account's "entitlement" count.

When you got to the RedHat site and register a Dell/Redhat product, you
don't get an additional "entitlement".

In order for a system to be used with RHN, that system must be "entitled".

Why do I not get an entitlement with Dell/RedHat Linux like I do with the
retail product?

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