RedHat Network (RHN)

Mark J Strawcutter MJSTRAW at
Mon Oct 29 07:35:01 CST 2001

If I purchase a retail (box set) copy of RedHat Linux, it includes the
ability to use the RedHat Network (RHN) service.

When I registered the copy of RedHat Linux 7.1 that came installed on my
new 2550, it did not activate access to RHN.  I called RedHat and they
said that Dell had "modified" the Linux sbe on my 2550 and that if I used
RHN to automatically update my system it would cease to function.

Additionally, the document "Dell PowerEdge Systems Red Hat Linux 7.1
Information Update" has a section on RHN under "Post-Installation

Is the RedHat Linux 7.1 sbe installed on my 2550(s) compatible with
RHN?  Why is RHN explicitly not enabled when I register the Dell-supplied
product code?

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