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Thu Oct 25 16:16:00 CDT 2001

Possible firmware of the Perc3/QC?  Check and see if there is newer at .

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any ideas on this mesage

Oct 25 16:33:22 beo205 kernel: megaraid:allocation failed

basic setup

linux kernel 2.4.12
nfs server (nfs utils version 0.3.3-1)
intel e1000 adapter driver version 3.0.16
megaraid perc/3qc driver version 1.18
dell 2550 dual 1.3ghz, 1GB memory
dell 210 scsi arry 12x73GB, using 2 channels off perc and raid0
using sgi's xfs filesystem

have poweredge 6400 running 1.14g of megaraid and linux 2.4.1
that has never generated this message and does similar things

not sure this is a problem, just concerned

i'll be glad

Jeff Davis
Amerada Hess Corporation
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