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Upgrade your PERC2/SC firmware?  See Alt-F4 for the message, and
domsch.com/linux for the FW.

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I have stumbled upon a problem I hope you all can help me with. I am trying
to instal Red Hat 7.1 onto a Dell Poweredge 4300 with PERC 2/SC. I used
OpenManage to run Perc configuration; formatted 4 drives and re-created raid
configuration. Next, used OpenManage and ran 'Express Setup' option with the
NetWare option to create my driver disks, etc. Next I popped in the Linux cd
and when I was told to select my install type (custom) was told that an
error occured 'could not locate a device to create filesystem'. 
Do you know what this means? I am guessing it can't see the hard drives. Can
you tell me what I did/didn't do, or what needs to be done, or where to look
for the answer. Any help would be great.
Scott Simpson
Oracle Consultant
www.alceatech.com <http://www.alceatech.com> 

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