Compiling the aacraid patch

Craig Hancock chancock at
Tue Oct 23 08:02:01 CDT 2001

Hello my name is Craig Hancock and I am a unix system adninistrator with
University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division. We are attemtping to
upgrade all are dell 2550 machine kernels to 2.4.12 because oa root
exploit that was released on securityfocus. We have attempt to patch the
2.4.12 with the aacraid driver that is provided at Were 
using the 2.4.11 patch in 2.4.12 because there wasn't a 2.4.12 avaiable.

For some reason when we try to install the drivers as modules and the
system doesn't recognize the aic7xxx and aacraid module. When
you compile the drviers directly into the kernel the system recognizes
the modules but freezes at this point

percraid device detected
Device mapped to virtual address 0xe0849000
percraid:0 device initialization successful
percraid:0 AacHba_ClassDriverInit complete

I notice when you apply this patch you add another aic7xxx
driver. What is the difference between the aic7xxx and aic7xxxx_old.

Also do you have a standard .config that I could reference to see if I
have all trhe default options. I really do beileve that I have all
the options compiled in but I am just not getting it to work.

Lastly wehat aic7xxx card is the appropriate one. I am using the 
adaptec 7889 Scsi card

I appricate all of you help thanks

Craig Hancock

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