Upgrade options

Hubbard, David dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com
Mon Oct 22 09:05:00 CDT 2001

10 million is more like it. :-)

You'll want to get the upgrade cpu's from Dell as they
will come with the correct cpu stepping, etc. to match
the two you already have.  You should not need to make
any change to linux as you're already running an smp

squid won't help you, it is a proxy that caches data
so if I were running squid on my end and accessed your
site all day, my squid proxy would cache your data for
me so I'd get quicker responses.


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> Sorry, I counted the digits wrong, it's 10 million hits a month.
> Will dropping in two cpu's be plug and play?  Will I have to make any
> changes to my linux configuration?  Will the two new CPU's 
> have to be exact matches?  Same cache size and all?
> Also, how will squid help me?  In this case I am serving up files that
> reside on the same box.  Isn't squid a proxy?
> -Zeki
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> Subject: RE: Upgrade options
> > Get more cpu's, if you're running apache the multiple
> > processes will take advantage of that more than slightly
> > faster cpu's.  That being said though, one million hits
> > per month is nothing unless those hits are doing some
> > very serious database queries or something.  I have a
> > server that handles ten times that load and has about
> > the same specs.  Are you sure there aren't other problems
> > driving your load up that high?
> >
> > Dave
> >

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