Dell 2550 gigabit drivers available for debian users

Ard van Breemen ard at
Mon Oct 22 03:21:00 CDT 2001

The broadcom 5700 gigabit drivers (as found in the dell 2550) are now
available for debian users as module source bcm5700-source in unstable.
The latest release that is packaged is 2.0.24 .

Slackware users and other .tar.gz users can download the original .tar.gz
files from the debian source mirrors (Probably in /pool/main/b/bcm5700/).

The original .tar.gz file includes kernel patches if you want to use them.

One thing left: For bug reports or any other questions: do not contact
broadcom. They are not capable to do enduser support.
If you are a debian user, you probably already know how to report bugs.

In all other cases you should contact your hardware provider (dell,
3com, etc...), or distribution provider (redhat, suse, etc...).

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