Aide Florent faide at
Tue Oct 16 16:19:01 CDT 2001


thanks for the effort done to "give" the Perc2/si driver in Open Source...

I appreciate greatly because I can now recommend Dell Servers to my clients 
knowing I can upgrade to "any" kernel without problem.

I would also greatly appreciate to see OpenManage Server Agent drivers in 
open source because I currently never ever install ANY RedHat distributions 
on the servers I set up.
I use Slackware and regularly find products only for RedHat, which won't run 
on any other distribution...
I don't need support. I need possibility to do it myself without hassle...

Thanks for all the work already done to help the Linux community.

Linux isn't unfriendly - its just picky about who its
friends are!
Aide Florent
Consultant Technique

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