problems with percraid module & kernel

Seth Mos knuffie at
Mon Oct 15 07:57:00 CDT 2001

At 13:35 15-10-2001 +0100, Tony Lambley wrote:
>I've been trying to added this module to the 2.4.9 kernel. I've patched as:
>patch -p0 < linux-2.4.9-.....patch
>then set the config options, and finally performed the standard kernel
>compile procedure. Everything seems fine until I try to use mkinitrd. I get
>"No module percraid found for kernel 2.4.9-tl0".

Did you compile it as a module? You can opt to compile this driver in which 
can be handy if you don't want to create initrd images for every kernel.

>I've spent all morning on this and seem to be going around in circles! I
>haven't found any docs or instructions, just a bunch of stuff refering to
>RPMs and DEBs.  Dell's only search hit is a zip file from 27 Match 2000and
>the kernel mailing list was pretty limited too.
>Are there any docs available? I can't believe I'm the first to hit this, and
>I'm complete stuck now. Any clues most welcome!
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