Problem with aacraid driver & kernel 2.4.9

Dave Beckett dave.beckett at
Fri Oct 12 05:52:00 CDT 2001

>>>Seth Mos said:
> I just caught onto something that might be related.
> >>(for those just joining, I stated that I had to compile devfs and have it
> >>mount at boot time to get past the point that Dave mentioned)
> It might be related to the bootsequence. Hooking up a scsi disk to a 
> aic7xxx adapter can play annoying tricks with your bootsequence. aic7xxx 
> has a higher boot priority then the other raid adapters out there which 
> makes it elbow it's way in front of the boot disk on the raid controller.
> What I did was compile the raid controller driver in and make the aic7xxx a 
> module which automatically made second in line and restore the original 
> boot sequence.

This sounds like the kind of problem we are having.  I suppose we
will have to use initrd then for the modules; which I try to avoid,
one more thing to have to get correct.

> Note: changing the primary boot in the BIOS will not help since linux does 
> not keep onto this while detecting.


> Devfs can help you in this example to make sure the sequence is right.


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