PERC3/DCP support? Matt_Domsch at
Thu Oct 11 09:46:00 CDT 2001

> At 13:34 10-10-2001 -0400, Eric St-Jean wrote:
> >The Dell salesperson has specified a PERC3/DCP SCSI RAID 
> card (2 ch, 4 hd,
> >SCSI-160). I see that the megaraid.c module supports a 
> number of PERC3/x
> >cards, but your page ( and
> > and 
> downstream)
> >does not specify PERC3/DCP.
> I don't know what the P means but if it is based on the same 
> megaraid cards you should be fine.

It means "it's a PERC3/DC, for Precision workstations".  It works with the
megaraid driver.

I'll make such a note on the web pages.


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