Thoughts, Feedback on 500SC

Seth Mos knuffie at
Thu Oct 11 09:40:59 CDT 2001

At 10:11 11-10-2001 -0400, Karl Zander wrote:
>I am working with a small not-for-profit organization with 3 
>people.  After a recent data disaster and no backup, they realize they 
>need a server with centralized backup.
>I was looking at the PowerEdge 500SC with RedHat 7.1.  I know this is a 
>basic entry level server, but they don't have demanding needs and they 
>don't have a lot of dollars, especially after the costs for recovering 
>data.  They only need file and print sharing, backup, and Internet access 
>via a dial up modem.

Should be feasible. Never tried the dial-on-demand though. Most of the time 
I just make a cgi/php script for letting them dial or hangup.

>I was leaning toward running RedHat 7.1 (no OS licensing costs)  with 
>SAMBA so the Windows PCs could access shared disk space.  I note that I 
>can get a PowerVault 100T 10 GB IDE tape backup unit with the 500SC.  Is 
>this supported under RedHat 7.1?  Or are there special Dell drives for it?

If it is a DAT tape drive it should work without too much hassle.
If it is a scsi tape drive it will by most chances be detected by the scsi 
card and the tape driver will be loaded when neccesary.

You can then access the tape using the mt command for formatting and 
configuring (buffers, etc).
If it is a IDE tape it may be trickier.

>Would this make sense to do?

I'd say so. Install webmin on the server and administiring the server 
suddenly gets a lot easier as well.

Every program has two purposes one for which
it was written and another for which it wasn't
I use the last kind.

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