Upgrading the kernel on a Poweredge 4400

Richard_Goodwin@Dell.com Richard_Goodwin at Dell.com
Fri Oct 5 14:24:01 CDT 2001

Guys, here is the .config I used. I get well past the point you mentioned,
almost all the way through Red Hat's init, but towards the end I get errors
about init "spawning too fast, retrying in 5 minutes".. If someone can
enlighten me to that problem, maybe we are in the clear..

I used a stock 2.4.9 kernel source, patched with the aacraid patch mentioned

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>>>Rob Latham said:
> On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 01:15:21PM +0100, Pete Cliff wrote:
> > We recently bought a shiny new Poweredge 4400 with RedHat 7.0
> > preinstalled... 
> > 
> > We have been trying to upgrade the kernel from the current 2.2.16-22 to
> > 2.4.9 but so far without success...
> > 
> > The system boots so far, but is unable to mount the root file system and
> > then dies completely - requiring power down to restart the machine...
> > 
> > The machines final words are:
> > 
> >   Request - module [block-major-8] root fs not mounted
> >   VFS: cannot open root device on 807 or 8:07
> >   Please append a correct "root=" boot option
> >   Kernel Panic: Unable to mount root fs on 8:07
> your upgraded kernel doesn't know about your scsi device. (/dev/sda7
> is block major 8, minor 7 )
> > Anyone any ideas how we might proceed with this?
> Since megaraid *is* in the linux kernel, i guess you don't have 
> aacraid added:  apply this patch for 2.4.9
> http://domsch.com/linux/aacraid/linux-2.4.9-aacraid-20010816.patch and
> turn on aacraid support.  You'll need to make a ramdisk if you compile
> it as a module.

Rob - Pete and I tried your suggestion and the system hung again.

We want to run a 2.4.x series kernel to get amongst other things -
control of what is compiled in, latest reiserfs, LVM and best SMP
support.  [And hopefully a better VM with 2.4.10, don't laugh :) ]

Has anyone got a working config for Poweredge 4400 they could share
for the Linus sources 2.4.x series kernel?


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