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Thu Nov 29 09:43:01 CST 2001

One other thing you might want to check is the firmware for the RAID
Controller.  If you will be using the PERC2-SC RAID Controller to do the
install then make sure your Firmware is at 3.13.  If it's not, you can
download the updated firmware off our website.  The filename for the
firmware update is:  P2SC313.exe   If you are having trouble finding the
file, you can retrieve the file directly here: .  

Good Luck,

Jeremy Sheard
DELL Server Support

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That system originally shipped with a PERC2 SC - Single Channel AMI RAID
That will use the native "megaraid" module. If it didn't find anything you
may have no logical drives defined.

To check:

<ctrl+M> when you see the option to
choose "Objects" then "Logical"

If there is nothing defined:

<ESC> back to main menu
"Configure" and "View / Add"
<Space> to select drives to add
<Enter> to end adding drives
<F10> to configure array options
Accept the settings when done
<ESC> all the way back to main, saving changes
"Initilize" on the new array.

At that point you have a logical disk that can be seen outside the
controller. Install your OS as you normally would.
If this doesn't fix your problem please call into the normal phone support.

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I tried to install SUSE 7.2 any it won't find the hard drives!  I have a
Dell Poweredge 1300. 
Sticker  00DV8.  I know little about the box but assume that it has a PERC.
What should I do?  I have checked the Dell website and see all kinds of
drivers for Red Hat.
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